September 2013 Letters

September 2013 Letters

For the first time for the Benwick Bugle we have two letters to the Editor this edition. If you have anything to share with our readers simply write to the editor at 1 Lilyholt Road, Benwick, PE15 0XQ or e-mail on

Too much barking?

Over many months now the residents of Benwick have had to put up with dogs barking and howling which sometimes has been persistent for hours during the day, most of the evening, and even during the middle of the night. You must ask yourselves, is this normal? Is the dog being mistreated? Are the owners aware of the distress this is causing to a lot people? Probably not!

During these hot periods that we have been experiencing, most of us have had our windows open to keep us cool and aid our sleeping but this has not always been possible due to the persistent barking of these dogs. Many young children are unable to get to sleep or are woken up by the barking so parents are having their relaxation time interrupted to comfort the children and when they go to bed they can’t sleep either. If people are lucky to get to sleep because it is quiet which is not that often, sometimes the barking starts in the middle of the night or early morning, giving disturbed sleep which could have implications affecting peoples work. Early morning barking is constant so people on night work could well be affected, surely these dog owners are aware that this may be happening in and around where they live and as the barking is very loud I would imagine most of the village could be woken up by these dogs, I say dogs because when one starts others quite often follow suit.

Please dog owners this column is hopefully making you aware of the problems caused by barking dogs and that you may try to train them not to bark constantly but only when necessary and not for no reason.

Nobody wants to go down the enforcement way but if the situation doesn’t improve maybe somebody will seek advice from Fenland DC regarding noise caused as it could be classed as unsociable.

I have found a website that may help deal with this without incurring any costs to the dog owners which is:- I hope this helps so we can have a relatively peaceful environment.

A Benwick Resident.

Thank you

My name is Debbie Scott & I live/ lived at 11, Chapel Gardens. I would like just to thank absolutely everyone for their kindness & support for the arson attack on my & formerly Gerald’s lovely home.

Especially the man in the red T-Shirt, (I apologise for not getting his name, (Paul?), who was at my
gate when I virtually threw my Pudd (dog), in his arms. I am temporarily being re-housed by Roddens who have been so very helpful. Thank-you to Everyone again.& I apologise to my nearest neighbours for all of the inconvenience.

Debbie Scott

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