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The Benwick Bugle is published every two months and delivered free of charge to all homes in Benwick. Every edition is also published online, using the web-magazine service Issuu, which allows the Bugle to be read like a real magazine online. You can also download PDF versions of the Bugle from the website.

The next edition of the Bugle is the March/April edition which will be distributed on the second or third weekend of March.

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Benwick Bugle Archive

The Benwick Bugle was started by Jane Levicki in September 2006 as a quarterly magazine. It became bi-monthly in December 2007 and Jane handed the running of the Bugle to Adam Keppel-Garner in April 2011 who then handed over in January 2016 to Susanne Nichols. You can view the archive of the Benwick Bugle “The Jane Years” below.

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