End of the Monthly Draw

End of the Monthly Draw

Since we took over the running of the Monthly Draw (100 club) in July 2007, there have been 74 winners of the £100 first prize and including other prizes a total of over £10,000 has been paid out.

Importantly, the Draw has provided over £3,500 in this time to FOBS (Friends of Benwick School), which has all been used to enhance the children’s educational experience, often by funding things that would not be provided by the school budget.

Sadly, over the last year, the number of members has declined and the deficit has not been made good by new members despite a number of attempts by FOBS to advertise the Draw and enlist new members.

We would like to thank everyone in the village (and elsewhere!) who has taken part in the Monthly Draw and supported this worthwhile cause and would like to make
special mention of all our collectors (past and present). Without all of you none of this would have been possible.
The final draws were made last week for the months of August and September (winners Mrs B Howard and D Daly, who each received £100).

We will be in touch in the New Year with those of you who have paid in advance for October and beyond to return any money due to you.

Whilst it is a shame to see the Monthly Draw come to an end, we believe that as a village we should be proud of what we have helped to achieve for the schoolchildren of Benwick over the past several years.

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