Contribute to the Benwick Bugle

The Benwick Bugle thrives on community information. Every edition aims to include news and updates covering all aspects of village life, from the latest happenings at the school, to forthcoming events.

Community News

If your community group has information and news to contribute, please ensure you get something in for each Bugle. The Bugle offers your group a means to share your success, advertise events and draw new members – all completely free for Benwick groups.

Local Events

Every edition of the Bugle features a run down of upcoming events in the area. This is to help promote events in Benwick and neighbouring towns & villages. If you are running an event, let us know and we can help promote.

Local Business

If you are a Benwick based business, then we want to hear from you. We want to shout your successes and let the whole village know what useful businesses there are in the village. This is entirely free advertising through the form of editorial.

For business in Fenland, if you would like to offer your knowledge through an advertorial, then please get in touch. Advertorials, which are presented like normal news articles, are discounted adverts where you impart your wisdom to Benwick. We are actively looking for legal advice, gardening advice and similar services.

Copy Deadlines

The copy deadline is the final date for which submissions to the Bugle can be accepted. This allows time for advertising to be placed and final content to be processed in order for the Bugle to be released on time at the beginning of the month.

Copy Deadline
January / February 201809. Jan 2018
March / April 201819. Feb 2018
May / June 201823. Apr 2018
July / August 201818. Jun 2018
September / October 201807. Sep 2018
November / December 201822. Oct 2018